Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Istanbul Food Walk last?  
The Combined Backstreets and Two Continents Food Walk starts at 10am and finishes at 6pm approximately. The other ones start at 10am and finish at 3pm approximately. Our Food Walks do not operate on Sundays as many of the food gems are closed then. 
How much do they cost? 
Food Walks cost 100 Euros for adults, 45 Euros for Children (7-12 years) and under 7’s are free. 
How do I book our Food Walks? 
Simply click on “BOOK TICKETS” in the ‘Food Walks & Booking’ tab for the walk you would like to take. As we keep our groups small and intimate we suggest that to maximise the chances of getting the day and number of places you want, you book well in advance.
How do I pay for the Food Walks? 
Through our online secure booking system. 
How many people are usually on Istanbul Food Walks? 
Istanbul Food Walks wants you to feel like you are exploring Istanbul with a kind and knowledgeable friend. To achieve this, we keep our Food Walks to a maximum of 6 adults. Istanbul Food Walks is not an advocate of the ‘large, tour bus style experience’. 
Do I need to pay for the tour if I am not eating? 
Yes, all guests must pay for the tour whether they plan to partake in the food tastings or not.
What does the ticket price include? 
The price covers the costs of all the food tastings as well as your host (whom is fluent in english, university educated, mature & professional, offering valuable commentary on social, historical, architectural, cultural and of course culinary information). It also covers the cost of the ferry on the Two Continents Food Walk. 
How much food is served on the Food Walk? 
It is not our intention to make our valued customers feel uncomfortably over fed. However there is more than enough food tasted for most participants and represents excellent value for money. No matter how small, it is our philosophy that Istanbul Food Walks pay each vendor for tastings.
Where do the Food Walks start? 
All of the Food Walks start on the European Side of Istanbul. We will email you an easy to find starting location once you have booked your Food Walk. Istanbul has an easy and well serviced public transport system and a great and reasonably priced taxi service. 
Can I book a private Food Walk? 
Yes, at Istanbul Food Walks we can taylor a great tour for your private group. Please email us and we will respond immediately.
What about taking children on the Food Walk? 
We really welcome the younger tourist. Our food walks have amazing sights, sounds and tastes that our younger audience really enjoy. Our experience is that children will taste things with us that they would never taste for their Mum and Dad!
How much walking is involved? Is it a fast paced Food Walk? 
Walks generally last 5 hours approximately and participants can expect to be standing or walking for a significant part of this. We walk at a slow to moderate pace but also provide at least five sit down locations on all of our tours. 
Are the Food Walks wheelchair and baby stroller accessible? 
Our food walks are challenging with a baby stroller as we share the city with 17 million people.  Please contact us directly regarding mobility queries.
What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies? 
Some of the food stops are meat based and cannot be substituted for a vegetarian option. Although bread is the staple food of Turkey and many of the foods have a gluten component, we do endeavour to cater for those who are gluten intolerant. A Food Walk is not advisable for those with a serious nut allergy. 
Are there vegetarian options on the Food Walks? 
Yes! In fact you will never feel deprived because the vegetarian side of Turkish food is tremendous however one or two of the food stops are uniquely meat based and we hope you are ok with skipping those. 
Can I shop during the Food Walk? 
We ask you to please wait to shop until after the Food Walk so that we can stay on our food tasting schedule. However if you must, please be time sensitive to our other participants. We DO NOT have commission relationships with any shops, restaurants or other tours. 
What is the best time to take the Food Walk during my stay? 
We highly recommend taking our Food Walk at the beginning of your visit. It not only helps you to orientate yourself in a new bustling city but will also help you get to grips with our wonderful Turkish cuisine at the start of your visit. We can recommend great places to eat depending on your location and budget.
Does the Food Walk end at the same place we meet? 
The Backstreets Food Walk and the Traditional & Trendy Food Walks end at the same place as we start. The Two Continents Food Walks and the Combined Backstreets and Two Continents Food Walks start on the European Side and end on the Asian Side. Your host will take you back to the direct ferry back to the initial starting point.  
What types of foods are tasted on the Food Walks? 
Food and food tastings are provided by authentic eateries, speciality food shops and great local restaurants and include a fantastic mix of both savoury and sweet delights. As part of the food walk you will be tasting our wonderful street food, in off the beaten track places so sometimes you will be on your feet, eating with your hands, just like a local.
What language are the Food Walks offered in? 
We offer Food Walks in English, French and Turkish. Please email us if you would like to make arrangements for your own interpreter to join the food walk.
What happens if it rains or snows? 
The Food Walks are held rain, shine or snow. In the event of bad weather, we will be able to go inside many of the establishments on the tour. However we advise you to check the weather and dress appropriately.
If I am bringing an infant or very young child, do I need to purchase a ticket for them? 
Children under 7 are free but you are still required to book a ticket.
Are cameras allowed on the Food Walk? 
Yes. Cameras and filming are allowed. The locations are fantastic, quirky, off the beaten track and you will be able to get some great shots!
Do we only walk around and sample food? 
Certainly not! Istanbul Food Walks combine architectural commentary, historical and contemporary facts, popular culture and culinary insights.
Is alcohol served as part of the Food Walk? 
No, our Food Walk does not include alcohol. As a predominantly Muslim country, alcohol may not be available at every food stop but where it is, you are more than welcome to enjoy and pay for it yourself.  
Is the cost of the ferry included in our ticket? 
Yes, your ferry ticket across the Bosphorous is included for tours where you use the ferry. The journey takes about 25 minutes and includes a surprise tasting!
Should we give gratuities to our host? 
Gratuities are greatly appreciated although certainly not mandatory. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 10-15%. 
If you do not find your query answered here, please email us directly and  member of our team will answer you promptly.